Friday, April 01, 2016

The scarecrow's Nawbany lament, revisited: "More Before-and-After Photos of the World's Best Street Designs."

Photo credit: City Lab.

We've been here before. From NAC, September 18, 2015: The Scarecrow's Lament: If New Albany only had a brain ...

There are times when it's very difficult to read articles like this one, and view scenes like a refurbished street in Antwerp (above), knowing that automobiles continue to be the sole determining factor of everything we do. But that's okay. We'll just keep pushing on.

City Hall's inability to comprehend walkability solutions at the intersection of Main and W. 1st illustrates Jeff Gahan's walkability gap. It's that Rorschach test all over again: Show Gahan one of the photo sets in these City Lab articles, and all he sees is a Disney castle -- and a campaign finance revenue stream.

More Before-and-After Photos of the World's Best Street Designs, by Feargus O'Sullivan (City Lab)

Across the world, street design that favors automobiles and ignores pedestrians and cyclists is being rethought. A newly updated resource created by the Brazilian urban design collective Urb-i allows you to chart just how widespread and profound the changes are.

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