Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The ceaselessness of miracles: Re-election secured, Jeff Gahan suddenly is made aware of public housing.

Nothing said in this latest instance of govt by press release is mysterious, or hasn't been known before.
Discussions Underway Concerning Public Housing (TASS, via New Albany City Hall)

“We are committed to working with the New Albany Housing Authority Commissioners and Director in order to develop a long-term plan and strategy for public housing – one which invests and preserves some crucial public housing units, reduces density by moving to a more scattered site model as adopted by HUD, and assesses our ability to provide and maintain current levels of quality public housing units,” stated Mayor Gahan.

Translated: Because they're going to force us to do the right thing at some point, we'll pretend it's our idea, and commence the long New Albany tradition of dragging our feet to the finish line.

Just because the sun rose today doesn't mean Gahan hoisted it. We all know scattered site housing is better for real, living public housing residents, but the rubber meets tarmac when these platitudes are detailed -- where and how?

Will Gahan typically claim responsibility for the federal tax credits that have been pursued by the housing authority for years?

Why shouldn't affordable housing be part of the Summit Springs mini-Ceausescu project?

And, whatever happened to two-way streets?

Can we riot yet?

I should add that I'm glad this finally has become a public topic,if only for the five-minute life span of city propaganda spoutings. Last year would have been a fine time to discuss it, seeing there was an election, but Gahan was mum then.

Sadly, it speaks volumes.

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