Sunday, April 10, 2016

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Greenway timbering east of the (former?) boat club.

It's odd.

In 2015, the Green Mouse was told that after years of legal efforts, the owner of the property where the New Albany Boat Club has been squatting all this time finally succeeded in displacing it.

Yesterday I saw a few vehicles at the boat club, and a dumpster being filled. The club's docks are stacked a couple hundred yards away. Is the club coming back? The city undertook eminent domain proceedings against this very same property owner, whose land extends beyond the flood wall and includes the boat club and right of way for the Greenway project.

If the boat club is coming back, it  can only be at the behest of the city. But why?

Meanwhile, a whole slew of healthy, mature trees have been cut. We now know the excuses reasons for this: The Greenway master plan said so, and the timbering had to come before the bats in JOhn Rosenbarger's belfry begin nesting. Has any previous mayor felled as many trees as Jeff Gahan?

And do we or don't we have a Tree Board?

The Green Mouse muses on the Greenway, eminent domain lawsuits, squatting and the New Albany Boat Club.

Market, Elm -- whatever. After all, they're both one-way streets.

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