Sunday, November 29, 2015

Warning: The "Street Cuisine" blog will make you hungry, as with the pølsevogn in Copenhagen.

Photo credit: Street Cuisine.

As accompaniment to the most recent installment of my 1985 European travelogue ...

The PC: Euro ’85, Part 23 … A fleeting first glimpse of Copenhagen.

... here's amore in-depth look at the phenomenon of the Danish pølsevogn, which is far, far more than your grandpa's weenie wagon.

The Danish Pølsevogn at Street Cuisine

Hotdogs and hotdog stands are popular almost everywhere, but I don't think anywhere takes the concept of sausage and bread as seriously as the Danes. A Danish hotdog stand called a pølsevogn can be found on almost any major street or torv in Denmark. Much larger and more involved than a typical North American hotdog cart, the pølsevogn is more like an outdoor mobile kitchen along the lines on an imbiss in Germany.

The Street Cuisine blog is amazing, but you may wish to eat first.

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