Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reason's Greetings! We've re-upped in the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

"If you have had it up to here with faith-based initiatives, creationism and clerical prying into our private lives, FFRF is the organization for you. This scrappy group brings lawsuits against church-state entanglements and puts up witty billboards and bus signs promoting, well, freedom from religion. Reason's Greetings!"
-- Katha Pollitt

Consider joining the Freedom from Religion Foundation. We recently renewed our membership, and support the valuable counterpoint FFRF provides.

Join FFRF or Renew Your Membership

Membership supports FFRF's hard-working 13-person office, our educational and legal work, and includes: Ten issues a year of 24-page Freethought Today newspaper fully reporting on FFRF actions and news, as well as "Private Line" (a twice-yearly insider report on the Foundation). It also gives you a vote during elections at the annual convention (household memberships get 2 votes), and discounted prices for FFRF books and CDs. All dues and donations are deductible for income-tax purposes.

Perhaps next year the time will be right to begin the new tradition of a shadow event: The Non-Mayor's Humanist Community Breakfast.

Anyone in?

Dude: City Hall sure soft-pedaled that mayor's prayer breakfast this year, didn't it?

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