Sunday, November 29, 2015

Newspaper shocks area with truth: "Needs assessment shows lack of affordable housing."

And no, the "ripple effect" of corporate welfare isn't helping.

The disconnect is amply illustrated by one sentence.

Business and community leaders — about 73 percent — believe the market offers affordable housing while 54 percent of nonprofit service providers disagree.

Yes, the article is Jeffersonville-centric (aren't most of them?), but Elizabeth Beilman does a fine job describing an issue with which Baylor for Mayor's team was very familiar, seeing as we were the only campaign in Clark or Floyd County to so much as discuss affordable housing publicly, for which we were poo-pooed by the Luxury Mayor for being negative and refusing to adhere to the Disney water slide dialogue.

As an aside, can you so much as imagine this story in the hands of Chris Morris?

A bunch of people who won't work for a living are whining because their rent's too high. Why don't they get jobs? 

Let's take a look at One Southern Indiana's position paper on affordable housing.

Hmm, imagine that. There isn't one.

NO VACANCY: Needs assessment shows lack of affordable housing, by Elizabeth Beilman (News and Tribune)

SOUTHERN INDIANA — It's no secret to anyone looking that the United States is in the midst of a real estate boom — and Southern Indiana is enjoying particularly low housing costs.

But while many are rejoicing in the plummeting price tag figures, Jeffersonville Real Estate Agent Lincoln Crum said it's not such a happy picture for low-income residents.

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