Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mayor Gahan should add New Albany's name to Cities United for Immigration Action.

As Kevin Zurschmiede pointed out repeatedly during the mayoral campaign, New Albany is losing population. Given City Hall's perpetual silence and Jeff Gahan's idea-free career in politics, we've no idea whether he acknowledges this as a problem, although a case might be made that massive public subsidies for luxury apartments constitutes recognition.

A weak case, but still.

Amid the clamorous anti-immigrant idiocy fertilizing social media like so many native madrasas, and the perpetual conniving of Republican intellectual terror cells, there are American mayors speaking sensibly.

Cities United for Immigration Action

Let’s strengthen our cities by keeping families together, further growing our economies, and fostering additional community trust in law enforcement and government. Pledge your support as we work with cities nationwide to implement the president’s executive action.

Yes, most of the mayors and executives adding their names to this list hail from large cities. But Haledon, New Jersey (population 8,318) isn't.

They're not all located in "red" states, either; Salt Lake City and Travis County, Texas are represented.

The only Indiana city is Gary. There are none from Kentucky, although Kentucky Refugee Ministries and Louisville Catholic Charities are moving ahead with programs to assist refugees.  There are others, so please append them in the comments section.

I know: There is nothing in the city of New Albany's 200-year old stunted and underachieving genetic sequence to indicate interest in immigration-borne revitalization, and I can think of perhaps two elected officials here likely to be even remotely acquainted with the subject matter, although I'm sure Dan Coffey could speak at length about the voting patterns of dead Democrats.

Call me crazy, but Gahan should add his name to the list at Cities United for Immigration Action. He won't, because doing so would be like expecting one of my cats to perform trigonometry, and yet as a progressive citizen, I expect my mayor to have a pulse and do more than pander to money.

Perhaps a council resolution authored by John Gonder, who's already been kneecapped by Team Gahan. They can't hurt you any longer, John. Please allow us the pleasure of  watching as Caesar and Blair squirm in their nice suits and padded chairs.

Let it fly, and let's see who votes against it.

Governors Should Listen to Mayors on Syrian Refugees, by Kriston Capps (City Lab)

The deadly attacks in Paris may be shaping the debate over immigration in the U.S. Since Friday, a number of governors from across the U.S. have pledged to do what they can to stop Syrian immigrants from relocating within the borders of their states, despite the fact that Syrians are fleeing the same kind of violence that was visited upon Paris and Beirut last week.

Meanwhile, mayors from some of the largest U.S. cities are welcoming Syrian immigrants with open arms. It’s another example of the growing gulf between city and state leaders on civic priorities ranging from climate change to the minimum wage.

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