Thursday, November 05, 2015

C-J critic ham-fistedly hammers Southern Indiana dining options.

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There are a number of potential talking points here.

  • Do traditional media reviewers matter any longer?
  • Is the review fair to Rocky's? 
  • What is a newspaper, anyway?
  • What's the name of the restaurant she already reviewed?

These aren't the point of the digression.

It is this: Has this reviewer even visited downtown New Albany? Yes, Veteran's parkway is  a chain food court, but this long since has ceased to define food and dining hereabouts.

Review | Rocky's Sub Pub in Jeff is sub-par, by Nancy Miller (Courier-Journal)

... I can’t understand why the Hoosiers aren’t spitting mad that having a mediocre dinner is the best for which they can hope (with the exception of one restaurant, which I have already reviewed.)

The Ohio River is the great culinary divide. On the south side are dozens of restaurants for every taste and budget. On the north side, it’s as if a giant food court of chain restaurants thinks of their customers as second-class citizens who don’t deserve first-class food.

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