Monday, September 28, 2015

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Baylor for Mayor ... A question of health and safety.

"Roger Baylor, Independent candidate for New Albany mayor, answers a question about public health and safety during a League of Women Voters debate. Incumbent Democratic candidate Jeff Gahan attempts to rebut."

It's our first video release, riffing off a point made by Jeff Gillenwater at the debate's conclusion:

Baylor: The Gahan administration has spent and spent and yet the lives of most New Albany citizens remain unchanged. I'm perennially disappointed when local Democrats aim all our money and projects at the wants of upper and middle class suburban white people while real fundamentals like transportation and a level playing field go unaddressed. They never seem to talk about the local independent businesses who employ most people, affordable housing, income inequality, a living wage, or anything of the sort.

Gahan: I resent that suggestion. Anyone who can manage to get a ride to this multi-million dollar indoor soccer facility I financed against tax revenue for the next 20 years is welcome to use it.

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