Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Watch the amazing permeable concrete video.

I've underlined a sentence that cannot be repeated often enough. Meanwhile, click through and watch this video. You will be amazed.

A Parking Lot That Drinks Stormwater: Topmix Permeable concrete soaks up 4,000 liters in 60 seconds, by Sarah Goodyear (City Lab)

Permeable pavement is one of those super-wonky infrastructure items—incredibly important but not always easy to care about. Thanks to the mesmerizing video above, however, a new and improved variety of concrete developed in the U.K. called Topmix Permeable has been turning heads. The video shows a parking lot paved with Topmix absorbing 4,000 liters of water in a minute, and it’s kind of magical to watch it disappear.

This new concrete, from Lafarge Tarmac, could potentially be a very useful tool in combating urban flash flooding from sudden, heavy storms—the type that are likely to become increasingly common because of climate change.

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