Friday, September 25, 2015

The 3rd council district deserves a Phipps-Bagshaw debate. Who can make that happen?

3rd district council aspirant Dale Bagshaw (R) attended both political forums this week, including the New Albany Housing Authority session on Tuesday, and incumbent Greg Phipps (D) was on hand at Cowboys Stadium last night for the League of Women Voters event.

I don't recall whether Phipps "debated" Jameson Bledsoe in 2011 prior to the general election, although there was a candidate question 'n' answer evening at S. Ellen Jones school preceding the three-way Democratic primary in 2007, which incumbent Steve Price won with 37% of the vote against Maury Goldberg and Charlie Harshfield.

Phipps handily beat Price and Bledsoe in 2011.

Who can make this happen? I firmly believe the 3rd district deserves an hour (or more) with its candidates.

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