Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Telephone polling has started -- destroy those credit card receipts, boys.

Have you been phoned with polling questions about the mayoral race in New Albany? Two friends received calls yesterday, both from West Coast area codes.

First, W.

I was just polled about the upcoming coming election. It was a California phone number. They made negative statements about Kevin Zurschmiede and Jeff Gahan, but nothing about you, though they included you in options of who did I plan to vote for.

A bit later, D was able to fill in a few blanks.

Received a call this evening with an Oregon area code asking my opinions on the city of New Albany and its "progress". Tons of questions, most I had difficulty understanding. They can call all they want but at this time it's Baylor for Mayor ... they asked if I thought Downtown New Albany needed 2-way streets.

I asked if it could be determined which political party was paying for the calls.

If I had to guess, I'd say the Democratic Party. Seemed more pro-Gahan. Brought up Kevin Zurchmiede and his lack of knowledge that tenants were running a prostitution business out if one if his properties. Seems to me they wouldn't have brought that up if they were soliciting votes for KZ.

Yep -- that gives it away, doesn't it?

If you receive one of these calls, let me know -- and bite back. Have some fun. Ask them to identify themselves and their paymasters.

When developers and contractors keep giving an incumbent money, I guess he's gotta spend it on something.


Teresa said...

Yesterday (Sept 1) I got a call from a woman who said she was in New Mexico, but it was a Portland, Oregon area code. Caller ID says MDC Research, 503 977-6714. I usually hang up on these calls, but this time I stuck with it.

She asked about several good things Gahan had done and whether each one would make me more likely to vote for him, and then she asked about several things he did that were unpopular and how they might change my willingness to vote for him. Then she asked about bad things associated with Zurschmiede and how they might affect my willingness to vote for him. The fact that she never asked about good things he did makes me assume Gahan’s people paid for the call. The name Baylor was barely mentioned. After each set of questions she would again ask who I intended to vote for, and I always said Baylor.

Gahan must be scared.

ecology warrior said...

Gahan is running scared and paranoid because he knows even his party is running from him. Quack quack lameduck you are soon an ex mayor but an unforgettable mistake.