Friday, September 11, 2015

Looking for my policies? They're right there, at ... you DO know how to use a computer, David?

The reviews are in, and the critics agree: Baylor for Mayor is a hit, because the reviewers are profoundly uncomfortable with the prospect of something different for a change.

  • "It will be a COLD day in HELL before the voters of the Great City of New Albany will EVER elect him. Sorry, Rog. Your just NOT qualified." -- Erika, College Professor of Political Science (Freedom to Screech)
  • "He doesn't have any policies!" -- DDuggins (NA Stormwater & Water Park Gazette)
  • "To be clear I am not affiliated with the lowly steno's at the 'Bama-Owned Keystone Light 1SI Examiner" -- Rogar Bayler (City Employee Parody Picayune)

Read more at the Baylor for Mayor website, including actual qualifications, plenty of policies and pure independence from your father-in-law looking over your shoulder at work.

After all, Shift Happens.

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