Friday, September 04, 2015

LBJ's famous "Daisy" ad.

I'm not sure why I awoke this morning to some oddball subliminal impulse to view this ad, but here it is.

The most famous of all campaign commercials, known as the “Daisy Girl” ad, ran only once as a paid advertisement, during an NBC broadcast of Monday Night at the Movies on September 7, 1964.

Wicked. Just wicked.

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w&la said...

Anyone interested in effective advertising should read "The Responsive Chord" by Tony Schwartz -

"Credited with the single most effective and talked about ad ever produced, Tony Schwartz created the "daisy ad", as it has become known, to highlight the dangers of nuclear arms. It was used by the Johnson campaign in 1964 to clearly illustrate his position on the use of nuclear weapons. Considering the extensive discussion that the ad has sparked, it is remarkable that the ad ran only once."