Sunday, August 23, 2015

Road Kill 2: "The Trucks Are Killing Us."

Photo credit (from Vancouver WA)

In a densely populated urban area, big trucks should be traveling far more slowly than 35 - 40 mph, as they typically do when passing through New Albany.

Let's be truthful: Jeff Gahan is politically gutless and has done nothing to challenge this potentially hazardous equation. As mayor, at least I'll try -- consistently, openly, in public, from a standpoint of transparency. In the battle for New Albany's streets, we may in, or we may lose.

But you will have absolutely no doubt where I stand on the topic.

The Trucks Are Killing Us, by Howard Abramson (New York Times)

ACCIDENTS like the one that critically injured the comedian Tracy Morgan, killed his friend and fellow comedian James McNair, known as Jimmy Mack, and hurt eight others on the New Jersey Turnpike last year are going to continue to happen unless Congress stops coddling the trucking industry.

More people will be killed in traffic accidents involving large trucks this year than have died in all of the domestic commercial airline crashes over the past 45 years, if past trends hold true. And still Congress continues to do the trucking industry’s bidding by frustrating the very regulators the government has empowered to oversee motor carriers.

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