Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reverse graffiti? Nah, that'd never work here -- not that we'd allow it, or powerwash ANYTHING.

Our mercifully concluded Great Street Piano Bottleneck of 2015 has me thinking about public art.

You Missed a Spot (and Made a Mural): Powerwashing has transformed Poland’s Solina Dam into a work of art, by Linda Poon (City Lab)

Poland’s Solina dam, completed in 1969 and the tallest dam in Poland, has been collecting dirt and grime on its walls for decades. But when it came time for the 269-foot dam to get a good powerwash, the energy company Polska Grupa Energetyczna had an idea.

PGE worked with emerging comic book artist Przemek “Trust” Truściński to design a giant eco-mural honoring the wild and plant life found in the Bieszczady Mountains in southeast Poland, where the dam is located. At almost 300 feet wide and 177 feet tall, the mural is painted with a technique called “reverse graffiti” ... 

New Albany doesn't have a dam, but there's the Firing Squad Wall down by the levee at the foot of Bank Street.

We may be compelled to develop a public art strategy, seeing as there is none at present.

Does the city of New Albany own this wall? I'm thinking not, or else it would have been given over to mayoral re-election signs by now.

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