Sunday, August 09, 2015

Reader question: "Is there a plan to attract new employers?"

A friend messaged me with these questions.

Does anyone realize with the loss of Pillsbury, Wal-Mart on Grant Line is now the 8th largest employer in Floyd County?

Does anyone really expect to retire from Wal-Mart with benefits? How many of those Wal-Mart jobs are full time and pay over minimum wage?

Does anyone realize the largest employers in Floyd County are family owned businesses ripe for purchase by out of town firms who would probably buy the businesses just for their client lists and close them?

Is there a plan to attract new employers to the county?

What are your answers?

City Hall suggests that corporate welfare in instances like the Coyle site redevelopment will spur trickle-down (they prefer "ripple effect") job creation.

What's our best hope to adapt to the ongoing explosion of River Ridge, which the state has chosen as its regional "winner," and would be enriched even further by proposals advanced for the regional Cities Initiative?



w&la said...
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w&la said...

You know, that's exactly what happened to Robinson Nugent - in 2000, when it was sold to 3M, Robinson Nugent had a book value of 93 Million dollars - that's 158 Million dollars today. 850 jobs forever gone.

Thats why spending money that isn't really there (future tax dollars) on unnecessary projects is so deadly - it's not easy to bring a new 158 Million dollar company to a city of 36,000 to pick up the slack.

How many multi-million dollar businesses have relocated to New Albany in the past 15 years?