Monday, August 31, 2015

On the verge, and some trees.

It's always a challenge to determine exactly what property owners are to do and not do as it pertains to the area between sidewalk and street, which often is referred to as the road verge.

In this instance, the road verge is for parking, although in fairness, there is no verge, and the sidewalk itself isn't marked in any way,meaning a wheelchair user would be compelled to roll into a one-way arterial street to evade the blockade.

That's #GahanSafe.

In this one, it's for growing hay and stacking debris, which has been there for two weeks now.

A recent comment at NAC makes a good point .

The area between the sidewalk and the street is the property owners responsibility to maintain however when it comes to the trees it's a different philosophy. The City loves to plant trees but they do nothing as far as pruning or maintaining them once they're planted and they can't be removed without approval from the City. I prune the tree they planted in front of my house because I didn't want it in the first place and secondly it would grow into my Dogwood tree which is irreplaceable. It's a joke to talk to the "Tree Board".

Just imagine if trees were prioritized like water sports. We might achieve the restoration of our battered canopy.

Meanwhile, this is how pleasant the results can be when a property owner goes the extra mile, whether legally or otherwise. A few carrots and sticks might achieve even better.

Of course the best kept trees of all are on Main Street, where a level of care is extended that's seldom seen elsewhere.

Wait -- that's John Rosenbarger's house, isn't it?

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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Ann said...

"Talking to the Tree Board is a joke." Which meeting did they come to, to address the Board?