Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last call: "After a quarter century, Roger Baylor will move on from New Albanian Brewing Company."

Just in case you missed it yesterday, here is the reason why folks should always spend months and perhaps even years reading between the lines to decipher cryptic hints.

There is no firm timetable for the process, which involves approximately 395 details painted in varying shades of "what about this or that?" Just know that my decision to leave the business has been made, and exactly what comes next depends on the will of New Albany's electorate.

As for the story: Kevin Gibson gets it right, for which I'm much appreciative.

After a quarter century, Roger Baylor will move on from New Albanian Brewing Company, by Kevin Gibson (Insider Louisville)

... Roger Baylor, well known for his long career in beer and brewing, is now running for mayor of New Albany. If he wins, that will be his new focus. If not, well, he’ll look for another path to follow. Either way, his position as the public face of New Albanian has come to an end. He already had announced he would step away if he won the election — instead, he’s moving on ahead of the decision. It was simply time, he says.

Regarding his growing involvement in local politics over the last few years, Baylor tells Insider, “It seems to be what I’ve been interested in for a while now and seems to be what I spend a lot of time on. That might actually tell me something about where my head is.”

And while he still enjoys beer and brewing, it’s become more of a hobby-level interest, in part because of the popularity of what is now termed “craft beer.”

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