Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jeff Gahan blows off today's SIRA candidate luncheon.

Today was the Southern Indiana Realtors Association luncheon at Elk Run Golf Club in Jeffersonville. There was a huge question hanging over the pre-lunch session, which featured the Jeffersonville and Salem mayoral candidates.

Would Jeff Gahan attend the function, or just send Mike Hall like usual?

As you can see, there was an empty seat for the empty suit.

Mark Cassidy contributed Gomer Pyle, and Nick Vaughn took the photo.

One of the organizers told me that it was really difficult getting hold of Mayor Gahan, and when finally he responded, it was to say he'd try to attend.

I enjoyed it; thanks to Martina Webster to extending the invitation. The gig included a free lunch -- and after all, it's why we fight.


cowhisperer said...

Who dresses you Candidates? I am sure Mike Hall owns a tie.Shhh. Moo.

SBAvanti63 said...

Maybe the hologram was dressed in camo and you just could not see him.