Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Gilderbloom: Proving what Gahan can't seem to fathom, tonight at the library.

As noted previously ...

You are invited to listen as Dr. John Gilderbloom preaches his "gospel of things urban" on Tuesday, August 4, at the library.

This is tonight. It's important because ...

"As safety and livability become more important ... the case for converting one-way streets into two-way streets (is) a compelling one."

It's a difficult topic upon which to mount a self-congratulatory plaque, but one addressing genuine fundamentals in the effective management of, and investment in, the city's daily working infrastructure. A good place for the mayor to begin, assuming he ever emerges from aquatic seclusion:

Mr. Padgett's Blues: "10-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Safer—and Still Move Plenty of Cars."

We're hoping to see you tonight ... and big thanks to councilman John Gonder for organizing the event.

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