Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Who do I invoice for weed whacking, the railroad or the city?

Damned if there isn't something in there. Wonder what it is?

It's the intersection of the alley and 15th Street, between Elm and Spring.

Still smarting from my rebuke at the hands of the pokeweed lumberjacks, I'm not letting this one go. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll tote my tools and start slashing. It'll be great exercise. There's also a "We Buy Houses" sign halfway up a utility pole on Spring.

I'll get that one, too, because I really detest street spam.

But listen, guys: If someone decides to pay me back for my citizen's initiative, can you just make out the check to the campaign?


ecology warrior said...

It appears it falls in the city's hands once again, the RR right of way shouldn't extend that far.

The New Albanian said...

Now that it's on Fb, I'll predict that the foliage is gone by the time I get there this afternoon, because they'll want to pre-empt the photo-op.