Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm delighted to eavesdrop on today's Indiana Regional Cities Initiative session.

I very much appreciate Wendy Dant Chesser, One Southern Indiana's President and CEO (and CEcD), writing to invite me to Regional Cities Initiative discussion this afternoon.

The other candidates for mayor have received this invite because they already hold office. You are welcome to attend, as well.

I'll certainly be there this afternoon to learn more, although my level of skepticism is extremely high, because from what I've seen from this so far, it's classic bait 'n' switch boondoggle.

Council Night 3: The Regional Cities Initiative's bait 'n' switch comes to a Greenway near you.

 ... Here was the mayor himself, spending half an hour describing the Regional Cities Initiative, a strictly "might be" iffy proposition, tantamount to time spent allocating future lottery winnings to the background noise of a Disney soundtrack instead of counting the change actually occupying the jar. If only someone other than a dissident like me would have said: "But if it would help businesses downtown, couldn't we change the streets (to two-way) next week?"

I believe it is a mistake to become enamored of supposed windfalls and panaceas when we can't even keep the storm drains clear or design streets correctly. Fundamental infrastructure comes first, then afterward, whatever emanates from getting the basics right. Basketball players are advised to dribble first, then practice slam dunks.

Even if the Regional Cities plan weren't a probable funding chimera, somewhat similar to economic planning according to a random spin of the wheel, it would make no sense to speak of any other application in our immediate vicinity than some configuration of enhanced multi-modal transit options.

If we've spent a couple billion on roadway expansion via the ORBP, can there be a bus or two traveling between New Albany and River Ridge as a corrective?

Indiana Secretary of Commerce to speak Monday on Regional Cities plan, at N and T

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