Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Help me compile the Top Ten Reasons Jeff Gahan Has Failed as Mayor.

Wednesday morning update: Two abject failures I missed are "Gahan delayed needed modifications of Slate Run Road out of pique with council person Diane Benedetti, who Gahan then conspired to topple and did," and "dog park located so far away from city residents that dog owners have to drive in cars to reach it."

A few other suggestions probably fit in yesterday's categories, like "failure to enforce noise ordinance" and "self-aggrandizing propaganda campaign on social media financed with public money."

Keep 'em coming, folks. 


As a favor to friends, I'll refrain from posting trucking porn photos this week.

The Bored of Works can go about its supposed business, which includes a request this morning to remove a handicapped parking sign, one that the Bored previously suggested doesn't exist downtown.

Rather, I'd like your help in compiling a Top Ten Reasons Jeff Gahan Has Failed as Mayor. Brevity is as difficult as naming the ten best songs by the Beatles, but let's try to keep it to just that.

In five minutes, I came up with 14, listed below.

Thoughts? Additions?

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Main Street Improvement Project conceptual disaster and beautification expense

Inept mishandling of the Speck downtown street network study

Multi-million dollar parks department and parks construction TIF bonds, out of nowhere

Farmers market anchoring in the wrong place for too much money

Seizure of the UEA, firing of Mike Ladd and overall subsequent vindictiveness

Persistent record of secrecy and non-transparency

Failure to attend council meetings in spite of previous criticisms of Doug England for missing council meetings

Storm Water political prioritizing as opposed to following the Master Plan

Pillsbury: Both being unaware the company was leaving, then throwing cynical public relations money at the moving vans

Exorbitant expenses for BicenPk musical events, when the amphitheater sits starved and unused

922 Culbertson demolition when a developer's plan was in place to save it

Program of housing demolitions without a concurrent program to rebuild housing stock

Erecting a "cult of personality" as an error-free politician

Enthusiastic encouragement of political patronage and capital project slush


Iamhoosier said...

Thank you.

Randy Smith said...

Killed Slate Run Road improvement out of political spite.

Teresa said...

Refuses to enforce noise ordinance against Sojourn Church (at Silver and Ekin) when their a/c blasts a loud, high-pitched hum over the surrounding neighborhood.