Tuesday, August 05, 2014

No, I have not converted, but there'll be a momentous anniversary celebration on October 24, 2014.

On Sunday, July 27, we attended a Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Afterward, as I innocently enjoyed a pint from the Fulton Brewery across the street from Target Field, I was photographed in a compromising position.

Namely. wearing a University of Louisville baseball jersey.

To know me well is to grasp that I care not one jot about college athletics, which in my view are a characteristically American perversion of education. Obviously, my non-fan stripes haven't changed color overnight. At the same time, I'm aware that Louisville's baseball team has been quite good lately, and when front-running comes this cheaply, why not?

The jersey was mixed in with a big pile of used Korean and Japanese baseball jerseys at a recycled clothing retailer in Madison, Wisconsin. Most were too small for me, but a navy blue pinstriped Japanese jersey and this U of L top fit comfortably, at $15 each. Why was a college jersey mixed in with the others? I've no idea, although it was a good buy, indeed.

The beer was wonderful, too.

It wasn't the only purposefully counter-intuitive photo taken during the trip. On Sunday, August 3, we were in Dubuque, Iowa, on the anniversary of my birth.

That's a vintage Dubois County Bombers game jersey, in case you were wondering. Meanwhile, an atheist visiting Iowa in advance of an epochal decision, and then finding guidance on a church message board, is too good to pass up in terms of a meaningful snapshot.

By the way, have I mentioned the party we'll be throwing on October 24 at Bank Street Brewhouse?

We'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the blog you presently are reading. The first of 7,750+ posts was published on October 22, 2004, after which I mulled over the possibilities, drank a few beers, and did a cannonball into the deep end of the drool on October 31.

Moving in.

Party plans will evolve as we draw closer to October 24, so please stay tuned ... and thanks for reading.

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SBAvanti63 said...

And here I thought you knew that day is my birthday! I may have to drown my sorrows in beer.