Monday, August 04, 2014

Mac's making it interesting in Clark County.

The two-party political system in America is a travesty. It makes a mockery of our glorification of "choice," although it's a fairly effective collective brake on change, which probably is why it exists and is tolerated.

The One Percent thank you very much for confusing the two-party system with constitutions and pretty flags.

Over in Clark County, a 3,000-year-old giant has run an internet poll, which reveals interesting if unscientific results in the sheriff's race.

The announced candidates for Sheriff are Brian Meyer (D), Jamie Noel (R) and Mac Spainhour (I) If the election were tomorrow you would vote for?

Brian Meyer (D) 38.38%
Jamie Noel (R) 32.32%
Mac Spainhour (I) 31.31

With the current occupant swimming in a feces-filled nest, Mac's making a pretty good showing, creeping up from the rear. If I could vote for Mac, I would.

See, if an independent candidate can get everyone scrapping in the thirties, anything can happen. Take note of that for future reference, will you?

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