Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's another Secular Sunday: Localism, creationism and the Ark Encounter.

Digressions like this one are perfect grist for quiet Sunday mornings at home, with coffee and kippers, far from the churchgoing population.

I suppose it's true that any reference to localism in the context of our region, in one or the other well-intentioned efforts to locate the components rendering us distinct and different, must be inclusive and recognize the self-defeating prevalence of superstitious nutjobbery.

What makes it even harder is that we cannot blame it entirely on Kentucky, or else Rhonda Rhoads would not be an Indiana office holder. Does it get any more representative than a Creation Museum?

Creationism, its museum, and Idiot America.

While founder and chief cartoonist Ken Ham is little more than a caricature, albeit it influential among the numerous delusionists, Bill Nye says quite sensible things, like this:

"We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future."

Meanwhile, LEO reports that Ham's next great revenue stream is in trouble. As an atheist and secular humanist, I can only hope that my psychic energy has played a part in depleting Ham's investment coffers.

Ken Ham: Ark Encounter close to failure because of “atheists,” “secular” media and possibly the devil himself, by Joe Sonka (LEO Weekly)

... How dare the Enemy — capitalized — trick people into not giving millions of their dollars to a man who makes his living getting rich by telling people that humans used to ride through the desert on saddled dinosaurs?

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