Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A six-pack of Speck prior to his glimpse of Nawbony.

This blog's first-ever mention of Jeff Speck appears to have come in March of 2013. By last June, I'd read Speck's Walkable City book, all the while urging anyone with hearing distance that perhaps at this late date in the city's history, we might think to ... well, think.

ON THE AVENUES: Mr. Gahan -- plug in this clock.

Obviously, thinking wasn't on Bob Caesar's fauxcentennial agenda, but we'll take care of it in 2017. Meanwhile, it's going to be fascinating to see who turns up for Speck's visit to New Albany.

Jeff Speck in New Albany at noon on Thursday, January 16, courtesy of Mayor Gahan and Develop New Albany.

Does Speck know about the forthcoming dislocations of the tolling authority's Ohio River Bridges Project? Into what context must these be placed when considering street grid reform and walkability enhancement? Why is City Hall terrified of a backlash it otherwise insists doesn't exist? Does the local Democratic Party's barely discernible pulse play any role in this terror? What so god-damned difficult about taking back our streets and letting them function as designed, prior to Caesar mistaking his Pearl Street jewelry store for a Jared's outlet at a town center near Hurstbourne?

Who is John Galt?

Here's a six-pack of Speck at NAC, dating back to November, 2013, which I hope conclusively illustrates how very little I've contributed to this process.

See you tomorrow?

Six ideas from Jeff Speck that are as plain as the cost-benefit nose on a banker's face.

Duh: Slower street speeds and our urban quality of life go together like turkey and dressing.

Walkability, lingering auto-centric thinking and parking plans in Athens, Georgia.

A reminder: Jeff Speck's Walkable City as required reading for presumed "leaders."

Traffic congestion, traffic safety, and how NOT to be confused about them.

'Walkable' downtowns in demand in remainder of country. Here, we get a dog park to drive to.

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