Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dragon King's Daughter (New Albany) update.

Dragon King's Daughter is very close to opening (corner of Bank and Elm, across from Bank Street Brewhouse), but it may not be until Monday the 11th. The restaurant is waiting for the final health department inspection, and if approval comes early, I wouldn't rule out "soft" hours during the next few days, but this is a coin toss. I peeked inside yesterday at the behest of Mike Kopp, and it's looking great.

Sushi in downtown New Albany? The Scribners couldn't have foreseen this, although the major question is whether their civic descendants will grasp it. Like anything else, Japanese cuisine isn't for everyone, but the menu at Dragon King's Daughter has other items, too, and my guess is there'll be a bite for everyone. You can leave the raw fish and Elector for me, okay?

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