Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coffey on Malysz and spinelessness.

If this comment at the newspaper's web site actually is Dan Coffey's, and I assume so, then it's a valuable glimpse into the councilman's mind, because to have attended a council meeting so far this year is to have seen that this council is Coffey's ... amazing, but true. His is an act of adaptive reinvention last viewed with U2's "Achtung Baby" album in 1992 ... or, closer to home, with the now (and how?) dispatched Carl Malysz, each time an administration changed. We're witnessing some high order political theater these days, and where it stops, no one knows.

Long Overdue. Mayor Gahan did what was necessary. Carl has a different view than the Mayor on where we should position our city for the future. Spineless people are the ones that hide behind fake names because they are to much of a coward to stand up and out front for what they believe in. Mayor Gahan, myself and Carl Malysz put their beliefs on the line everyday even though we will be ridiculed by self serving people who have NO idea what the truths and facts are. No one was 'lining their pockets' as you stated. As far as re-elections go, Jeff, and myself have won numerous elections and are proud that the people have faith in us, so your 'Prophesy' is based on a simple, slanderous mind that cannot understand that others do not share your view. Please have the courage and courtesy to use your given name so others may know who you are. It should be the policy of the Tribune to mandate that people give their names as this forum is of an editorial format. - Dan Coffey

New Albany fires Malysz


Iamhoosier said...

I remember standing up in public(not spineless), at the appropriate time, and not being allowed to speak by Mr. Coffey when he was Council President. All just because he didn't like what I wanted say. I'd like to know when his enlightenment about courage to stand up and be counted came about.

The New Albanian said...

Funny how that works. While still assuming Dan actually wrote this, it works just as well as parody.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

"While still assuming Dan actually wrote this..."

For years, the Tribune has dutifully recorded and published any number of outrageous claims from any number of people, with no check of their veracity. And then there's the comment section.

Here we have a statement from someone using the name of an elected city official and no way to to know if it's even really him or not-- a situation created, encouraged, and facilitated by the very organ whose primary responsibility is ensuring a citizenry informed enough to make responsible electoral decisions.

Funny how that works, too.

Iamhoosier said...

I know this is an assumption but since they do require an email address, I hope they would check if someone was using a public official's name.

It would be so much simpler if they used the same rules as for printed letters.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

I hope they would check if anyone was using anyone's name. In all the times I've used my own, though, I know they haven't.