Saturday, September 08, 2012

" It is now more than obvious that giving U of L the designation as primary tenant of the KFC YUM! Center isn't working anymore."

This is one of the more dispassionate, thoughtful statement of Louisville's NBA readiness that I've seen. Just the facts, whether you agree or disagree. When will U of L's tail stop wagging Louisville's dog?

Louisville is Prepared for NBA Team, by Jordan Baer (Stadium Journey)

Will the NBA's Sacramento Kings become the Anaheim Royals or the Seattle SuperSonics? Will they make a coast-to-coast move to Virginia Beach to become the next incarnation of the Virginia Squires? Or, will they simply stay in Sacramento?

For those living in the Kentuckiana region, the answer to the Kings' future is not listed above. It's been more than 36 years since the city of Louisville, Kentucky hosted the highest level of professional basketball.

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