Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Superintendent Hibbard: "I think we need professional help."

Okay, that was just a bit gratuitous.

Here's the key quote for me.

“People had different reasons why we lost,” (Bruce) Hibbard said. “People thought it was apathy, but people also didn’t think we did a very good job of getting the word out about the question. People would go and read the question not knowing that 23 cents was falling off [the rate thanks to an expiring bond] and they were getting 20 [back on].

Earth to superintendent: One significant reason the referendum lost is that many voters understood the question quite well, but are terminally mistrustful of current management to implement the proposed bond.

Sorry, but that's as simple as it gets. You mean to tell me no one mentioned this possibility during the retreat?

(Rolls eyes, cues Yes Men, strikes up the band)

NA-FC referendum may get another shot, by Jerod Clapp (N and T)

It didn’t pass last time around, but the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. might give a referendum another shot in 2016.

This time, they might hire some help.

At the board’s retreat at Wooded Glen in Henryville last weekend, administrators and board members discussed the possibility of hiring a political consultant to advise them on how to encourage voters to approve the measure.

Superintendent Bruce Hibbard said Brad Snyder, deputy superintendent, did what he knew to do with the campaign, but an outside company could hone their message to the county.

“We weren’t built to be politicians — we’re educators and I think we need professional help,” Hibbard said Saturday. “One of the things a professional will do is they’ll canvass our community.”


cowhisperer said...

. A walkable community means walkable neighborhood schools. Because of the Closeing of Silver Street School these leaders will never be trusted.

w&la said...

Silver Street Elementary was certainly solid enough and large enough to accommodate adding the elevator the school board said the building needed to meet ADA requirements.

They can't afford to build a school like that one today. But - they sold it.

Why does every government body in this area waste so much time and money on "studies" and "consultants"? These folks were elected to do things in the best interest of the public.

Last election, voters apparently understood they were asking for a large pile of money without any stated purpose.