Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Look, it's another new municipal logo -- we're walkable now!

Because making this place walkable might require lifting a pinky every now and then.

How many people will be tripped by this pipe before the city quits making excuses and fixes it?


Kelly Cotner said...

You paid good tax payer money for the walks on West St many years ago and they look like crap. There are raised sections, separated sections, broken sections... bottom line they look horrible and are completely unsafe for walking or riding a bike. The terrain is inconsistent and your contractor dug out my front yard and driveway and never repaired it properly. Now my driveway is washing away and it will cost me, the homeowner thousands of dollars to have it restored to it's former condition. So far I have lost two front bumpers on this driveway, thanks to your beautification project. Also theft is up in this neighborhood since it is now accessible to anyone and everyone. Oh, and thanks for making the road wider, providing a throughway for the school bus train.

The New Albanian said...

Kelly, where exactly do you live on West Street? Thanks. If you're not comfortable giving the address, my e-mail is roger@newalbanian.com