Monday, February 04, 2013

Merchant Mixer this Thursday afternoon, and Second Saturday Trolley soon to debut.

This Merchant Mixer information comes to us from Curt Peters. Merchant Mixers are informal, regular meetings held at places around town, created owing to the unwillingness of cats to be herded.
The New Albany Merchant Mixer will be this Thursday, Feb. 7, from 5:15 to about 6:30 in the upstairs room above the River City Winery. If you wish, you may buy a glass of wine downstairs and bring it up to the room. If anyone wants to bring a snack item to share, that would be great. We will talk about the Second Saturday Trolley Event and whatever is on people's minds.

Wondering what the Second Saturday Trolley is about? I received the following a few days ago. It seems aimed (correctly, in my view) at retail shop owners and not the food and drink segment. I know only what is written here. I've edited it slightly.


Connecting Down, Mid & Uptown New Albany

Starting February 9, 2013 ... 1 - 4 p.m.

There will be a trolley running from downtown to uptown; the trolley route will be determined as soon as we get a tally of participating merchants.

Theme: Valentine’s Day

This is an invitation to all merchants that would like to be involved with this monthly event

• To increase traffic in our businesses
• To offer a family friendly event; but not to exclude persons without children
• To increase awareness of what New Albany has to offer
• To build long lasting customers with a mind set of supporting local businesses

If you have any suggestions or questions contact one of us below.

For Downtown Merchants: Shanda Sillings-Roderick at The Opal Gypsy 812-725-9744

Mid and Uptown Merchants: Stefanie Griffith at Strandz & Threaz 812-945-5480

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