Saturday, February 02, 2013

Billy Beane, not Brad Pitt -- at IU Southeast.

That's a Tuesday, so I'll make every effort to attend. Meanwhile, Tim Brown (Yahoo Sports) has the Oakland A's at 13th in the big league power poll, saying "Oakland's miraculous run in 2012 may be a sign of things to come."

Innovative Oakland A's GM Billy Beane to Speak at IU Southeast, by Joseph Lord (WFPL)

Billy Beane, the innovative Oakland Athletics general manager and one of the few people with the distinction of being played by Brad Pitt on film, will speak on Feb. 12 at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, the university said.

Beane is best for his usage of statistics to guide decision-making in baseball—particularly in ways that find and use players whose skills are undervalued, boosting teams in small market cities. His approach was featured in Michael Lewis' 2003 bestselling book Moneyball, which was adapted into film in 2011.

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