Wednesday, July 05, 2017


I'm taking a few days off to escape the intensity of the recurring civic soap opera we know as New Gahania.

If everything goes as planned, there'll be baseball later today, and so in the spirit of the game, here are baseball expressions defined:

"Outside baseball: 20 words & expressions that came right off the batting field" (Glossophilia)

There's even one about our favorite councilman. Who knew Dan Coffey played baseball?

6) Grandstanding (or to grandstand):

Seeking to attract applause or favorable attention from spectators or the media, often in a political setting.

“New Yorkers can rest assured that even as heated negotiations over rent control regulations continue in the assembly, some elected officials are still finding time to demonstrate the true purpose of government — scaring voters with meaningless, symbolic grandstanding.” — Village Voice

(A player who shows off or showboats to win the favor of the fans in the grandstand).

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