Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jeff Gahan's burgeoning cult of personality wins Academy Award, conquers RiverStage and invents signature sandwich.

Seriously, has New Albany ever had a sewer board overlord who also was a trained thespian with wide-ranging theatrical experience?

Vaguely reminiscent of another of history's greatest leaders.

(Kim Jong-il's) personal talents and accomplishments were often exaggerated to surreal and implausible extremes by a state media machine tasked with constructing a cult of personality around him that placed little importance on verifiable facts. From having his birth prophesied by a swallow to claiming to have invented the hamburger, the questionable legacy left behind by Pyongyang's spin doctors is one that neither North Korea, nor the world, will soon forget.

I suspect our Dear Leader's involvement has gone a bit more like his, with Chico Marx accent: "You-a no mention Big Daddy G, you-a no getta the stage, capeesh?"


Gahan invented the hamburger? Or was it the ham-burglar?

Why not ask the public housing board?

For background on the increasingly obvious ...

ON THE AVENUES: Take this cult of personality and shove it (2017 remix).

Scraping rock bottom: Jeff Gahan brings his cult of personality to Kroger shopping carts. But who paid for these political ads?

Shopping cart blurbs, magazine ads, billboards ... and now the NTSPY Awards. How much of your money is Jeff Gahan spending on all this?

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