Thursday, June 15, 2017

Duggins Does the NAHA: Arrives for his first day, faxes Ben Carson for advice, takes a lunch break at the Roadhouse.

Meanwhile, yet another Democratic Party stalwart lambastes Dear Leader ... but as Jeff Gahan once said, "Nobody reads the paper."

Anyone know how Shining Font of Timeless Wisdom's foot wounds are coming along?


Gahan’s Firing of Bob Lane still makes no sense at all

I am still upset and at a loss as to why Mayor Gahan fired Bob Lane as our administrator of the New Albany Housing Authority.

Over the years, Bob Lane has proven himself as a dedicated public servant to the citizens of New Albany-Floyd County, as a teacher/coach at IUS, as superintendent of the NA-FC Department of Parks and Recreation and as an award-winning administrator of the NA Housing Authority.

For what purpose was he dismissed? Why frighten so many of our most needy citizens? Since when has it been a sin or a crime to be poor?

Shame on you Mayor Gahan and your “toady minions” for this underhanded and unneeded dismissal of a fine man.

Letty Walter, New Albany


As an addendum, NA Confidential has been unable to confirm whether New Albany Mayor Jeff M. Gahan or anyone working in the city's administration is under federal investigation or indictment for corruption, bribery or racketeering. It is standard policy of the U.S. Justice Department to refuse to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of investigations or subjects of investigations. A similar policy exists at the F.B.I.

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