Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rep. Clere indicates support for The Breakaway (women's recovery center) at 1514 E. Spring.

The topic is a proposed women's recovery center, to be established at a long-empty commercial building at 1514 E. Spring.

For some quintessential NIMBY, visit the News and TribuneHalfway house would negatively impact neighborhood.

If not 1514 E. Spring Street, then where? I always suggest Silver Hills for ideas like this, and all I ever get in response is nervous laughter.

State Representative Ed Clere has conveyed his support in this letter to Jimmy Padgett.


This is Ed Clere. As a New Albany resident, I support the plan to open a women’s recovery center at 1514 E. Spring St. I am familiar with Bliss House in Jeffersonville, and it is my understanding that the New Albany proposal is modeled after that well established and very successful program, which has been an asset not only to the many, many women it has helped, but also to both the neighborhood and the broader community. Bliss House was an early asset to downtown revitalization in Jeffersonville, and the proposed facility on Spring Street would support and further New Albany's revitalization. I say this as a New Albany homeowner who lives less than a mile away and who walks past this location on a regular basis.

Thank you for your family's philanthropy in support of this important and timely initiative. Please feel free to share my comments as you deem appropriate.



The Plan Commission meeting is tonight, I think.

An on-line petition for The Breakaway (Recovery Home for Women).

If you support the Women's Recovery Center (The Breakaway) at 1514 E. Spring, please e-mail Mr. Padgett and let him know.

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