Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hannegan Roseberry's wonderful column on two-way streets: "What are we waiting for?"

I had a rejoinder ...

Let's ask the old white guys: Revisiting last Saturday's dismal "spotlight" on street reconversion.

... but the accumulated weariness at being compelled to rebut the same tired arguments again and again plainly got to me.

Thanks, Hannegan. Thanks for having the patience to tackle their idiocy point by point. Thanks for standing tall on behalf of the neighborhood.

Just plain thanks. We needed this.

GUEST COLUMN: New Albany deserves two-way streets, by Hannegan Beardsley Roseberry (Morrissongs)

I am writing with regards to the recent story titled “As Cities Convert to One-Way Streets, is New Albany Next?” As a resident of Spring Street who lives in the epicenter of this debate, I am baffled as to how this article was written without talking to a single resident of the neighborhoods affected. To add to my dismay, the article took a negative tone toward two-way street conversion, despite the national research, statistics, and specific experiences of other cities pointing to the contrary. Of the six people quoted in the article — all business owners and/or politicians — four people were opposed to the idea, one was in support, and one was up for “whatever is best.” I feel the voices of the residents affected should have been heard.


w&la said...

Oh, c'mon - have you ever bought an ad in the newspaper? They're still kissing butt for the ads Mr. Caesar bought over the years.

Haven't bought ads? Haven't paid for coverage? Get in line…

The New Albanian said...

Indeed. I used to get in heated debates as to why NABC didn't advertise. I see where this got me.