Thursday, May 12, 2016

People in Hays, Kansas are looking critically at their growth and revenue issues. We're just breaking wind.

"The future of Hays depends on an acute understanding of our history and how it effects the current financial situation."
- Toby Dougherty, City Manager

Can you even imagine such a public discussion occurring in Jeff Gahan's Down Low NA?

One year ago, Chuck Marohn gave a Curbside Chat in Hays, KS, which kickstarted an ongoing conversation in Hays. We are seeing real impacts as a result of the Strong Towns message, and the enthusiasm and willingness of the people in Hays to look critically at their growth and revenue issues.

Hays' relative isolation has forced it to be more self-sufficient and, in many ways, more self-reliant than the typical American city. The town has some great leadership and they're in the midst of a brave conversation. We see Hays as a model for beginning to implement Strong Towns ideas on the ground.

In light of this, they've created a document called "A Stronger Hays" ...

The document: A Stronger Hays: Building a Stronger Future -- A Candid Conversation
The website: A Stronger Hays

Is our doggie water park ready yet?

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