Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Streets can once again become thriving, livable environments for people, not just cars."

The topic paragraph speaks directly to New Albany's degraded condition, and the inability/unwillingness of the city's "leadership" to address it.

Why does Team Gahan always pee on pedestrians?

Know that "traffic calming will occur prior to the tolls," just don't mention in which direction.

Team Gahan's breathtaking passive/aggressive answer to the question of making a safe pedestrian crossing at Main and W. 1st.

So on, so forth, ad nauseam.
Reimagining Our Streets as Places: From Transit Routes to Community Roots, by Annah MacKenzie (Project for Public Spaces)

Streets are our most fundamental shared public spaces, but they are also one of the most contested and overlooked. Today, and for most of the last century, we have taken for granted the idea that our streets are primarily zones for cars, parking, and the transporting of goods. This has not been the case, however, throughout most of history. Across many cultures and times – since the beginning of civilization, in fact – the street has held vast social, commercial, and political significance as a powerful symbol of the public realm.

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