Saturday, April 16, 2016

Can political hacks ever allow citizen expertise to outweigh the influence of institutional professionals?

When everything must flow from the brilliance of the Great Leader, there isn't much room for initiatives coming from outside the inner circle, jerk.

Why Citizen Experts Are The New Paradigm, by Dylan Meert (Citizen Lab)

We have the means to build a strong digital environment where citizens can connect with each other. This opens up the possibility of calling upon their collective expertise. So, why do we still put forward an institutional class of professionals as our go-to solution to solve today’s challenges?

 ... Granting the exclusive rights of dealing with everyday problems to an institutional class of professionals wasn’t the best way, it was the only way. But not anymore.

Citizen expertise expertise on a governmental level not only raises its legitimacy, but also its efficiency. It holds the promise of a future of co-creation, of a government who is in direct contact with its citizens, of the possibility to real participation. All this to your individual preferences and efforts.

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