Thursday, March 03, 2016

"The weirdness of historical Disneyfication" failed miserably, but it accurately presaged the Dickey Error.

Historical revisionism from the top, down -- all the way down.

The world of Disney? It's about making profits through unreality. That's great as entertainment, but should it be the basis for a political movement?

Maybe a political bowel movement, but The Donald already stole that idea. Consider the implications if the Floyd County Democratic Party were to read books about history, rather than make videos about fantasy.

I know, I know. Lots and lots of brains hurting.

America Almost Had a Disney Theme Park with a Slavery Section ... Inside Disney's America, the doomed '90s project that almost sunk the company, by Jacqui Shine (Atlas Obscura)

... The project is worth remembering, though, because while it was a peculiar chapter in Disney’s history, it's a familiar one in the context of the national struggle to define the public narrative of American history, where Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States does battle with sanitized high school textbooks in Texas. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton has created a vigorous alternative narrative that rightfully centers men and women of color as America’s builders and inheritors, but it’s still optimistic enough that Lynne and Dick Cheney are among its fans. Disney’s not really to blame for the fact that we’ve retroactively fit U.S. history into a story about the “American Dream.” In this sense, Disney’s America is another slice of the apple pie.

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