Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Independent business peeps take note: The Institute for Local Self-Reliance is far more relevant than One Southern Indiana.

The ILSR's Stacy Mitchell tweeted these words earlier today.

We need to transform “buy local" from a consumers movement into a political movement.

I pumped my fist without realizing it. Here's a page (and an organization) worth every independent business person's time to monitor .

Independent Business: Building a Community-Scaled Economy


Places that are home to numerous locally owned businesses are more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient than those in which much of the economy is controlled by a few big corporations.

For more than a decade, ILSR has worked with elected officials, grassroots organizations, and business groups to implement policies that reduce the power of dominant corporations, revitalize neighborhood commercial districts, and strengthen and rebuild independent businesses. Today, there are encouraging signs that community-scaled enterprises are on the rise, charting a path toward a more just and sustainable economy.

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