Friday, March 18, 2016

In Toronto: "It’s time to let street parking go." In New Albany: It's time to talk about streets.

Once again, it is my suggestion that merchants and other downtown stakeholders familiarize themselves with concepts of urbanism.

Grow up, Toronto. It’s time to let street parking go, by Marcus Gee (The Globe and Mail)

... There is one major barrier: our lingering attachment to easy street parking. Some merchants on Bloor are already complaining about how their business will suffer when the city takes out a lane of parking to make way for the cyclists. This sort of backlash can be expected whenever the city proposes to remove street-parking spots for any reason.

Some motorists seem to consider it their Charter right to pull up right in front of their neighbourhood hardware store to buy a box of screws. Some shop owners consider it a threat to their very existence if customers can’t park more than a few steps away. It’s a reasonable attitude if you live in Cornwall or Gravenhurst. In the increasingly dense and busy centre of Canada’s biggest city, it’s absurd to expect such a Corner Gas way of life.

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