Monday, January 25, 2016

Streets for People, a Louisville initiative, to focus on complete streets.

It really isn't a city seal. Those cars really aren't moving fast. But really, we're going to do something really soon.

Bicycling for Louisville to launch Streets for People, a new advocacy project aimed at improving roads, by Sara Havens (Insider Louisville)

... Chris Glasser, executive director of B4L, said in a press release that Streets for People will focus on “complete streets,” which includes designing roadways to be comfortable and convenient for all users in all modes of transportation. A few ways to achieve this is to convert one-way streets to two-way, improve the transit experience for TARC riders, increase pedestrian access and safety, and add bike lanes when safe and appropriate.

“We’d like to see traffic calmed while increasing access for everyone,” said Glasser. “That’s what Streets for People is all about. Traffic engineers tend to design roadways to move cars as quickly as possible from point A to point B, at the expense of making the roadway a pleasant environment for people.”

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