Monday, December 21, 2015

Frisch's Big Boy, meet landfill.

The car dealership formerly known as Frisch's Big Boy is disappearing today.

Update: By the end of the day on Monday, December 21.

Will the "Drive-In Restaurant" ordinance still on New Albany's brawny lad of a rulebook now be refashioned to apply to those craft meth dispensaries located a few yards from future luxury?

Only time will tell.

Drive-In Restaurants
(A) No person shall race the motor of any vehicle, start or stop any vehicle suddenly without cause, squeal the tires, blow the horn or make or cause to be made any other loud or unseemly noise by any means whatsoever, while on or adjacent to the premises of a drive-in restaurant, so as to cause a nuisance. ('71 Code, §110.02)

Here's how the Frisch's looked 50 years ago, when it was being built.

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