Monday, October 26, 2015

Wednesday night ONLY: "Balloonacy: Lost in Inflation," at 110 E.Market.

Several of Steve Resch's buildings-in-progress have served as temporary venues for art. This is the most recent, at the former pawn shop on Market (across from Comfy Cow).

It's Wednesday night only, so plan accordingly.


BALLOONACY: Lost in Inflation

Indiana University Southeast's Fine Arts Program is hosting an art installation in downtown New Albany. 'The Pawn Shop', as we endearingly call it, is our chosen venue for our Social Sculpture class, which encourages the act of creating artwork within the community. This collaboration is our way of breathing new life and repurposing this historic building so that we may invite the public to be immersed in an interactive space.

The installation will include over 1000 balloons to fill the space and handmade 16 mm video will be projected on top of the balloons, allowing the viewer to move within the artwork. Joy Luck will provide refreshments.

BALLOONACY: Lost in Inflation will take place on Wednesday, October 28th at 110 Market Street, New Albany, Indiana. This is a ONE NIGHT EVENT open from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Visit our Facebook page to see other work from our artists.

Amelia Wise
Michael Kopp
Paul Robey
C.J. Bowyer
Aliccia Kasper
Liz Walker
Angie Howard
Bethany Barton
Cody Presley

Further Info:
Brian Harper, Associate Professor of Fine Art, IU Southeast

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