Saturday, September 12, 2015

Barcelona: Why not a radical grassroots activist as mayor? Maybe something can be accomplished.

With roots in the Spanish "indignados" movement, Barcelona's mayor has occupied banks and called for a more feminized democracy. Her bio is here, and curiously, nowhere in it does she mention the need for more water parks as the cure for social ills.

Colau simply could not be a "Democrat" in New Albany, could she? If for no other reason, it appears she once read a book that wasn't written about sports.

The New Mayor of Barcelona Tells Us Her Plans for a Radical City; Once an activist, can Ada Colau make her vision a reality?, by Elia Gran (The Nation)

Ada Colau, the first woman mayor of Barcelona, has just marked her first two months in office. Previously an activist, she’s the founder of the Platform for 
People Affected by Mortgages (PAH). In this interview, Colau talks about the challenges of leading one of Spain’s most celebrated cities during the current democratic revolution.

This interview has been translated from Spanish and edited and condensed.

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